Stryv Mission

Stryv has a 4 part mission- we feel there is more work to do on this to make it more clear for ourselves and our Stryvers but here is where we currently are.

Economic Mission

$100 million company
We know how many lives must be impacted to achieve this milestone and it is vital for the success of our other missions that we operate Stryv on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth.

Product Mission

#1 coaching platform in the world.
We create and curate the best tools to help people achieve their goals and grow personally so they feel more successful and fulfilled which makes them more aware and compassionate to others.

Community Mission

An environment to Stryv
There are few stronger drives in the human soul than to belong. To Stryv and achieve is often to stand out so it is our mission to create a community where to stand out, to achieve and to Stryv is what makes you belong.

Social Mission

Make The World A Better Place
We believe business plays a vital role in helping society and want to operate in accordance with making a global impact and making charitable donations aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Zander | CEO Stryv

Zander is the CEO of Stryv and leads the Stryvers community with over 15,000 coaches, entrepreneurs and high-achievers. He is a 2x Global Impact Award Winner, Tedx Speaker and has spoken at industry leading events such as the Business For Good Conference. He is an expert on personal growth and scaling online businesses and has coached Olympic Athletes/Coaches & Global Executives.

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