Discover how to overcome the daily frustration of not using your time optimally, the three daily habits you need to use your time effectively and what order to develop your default diary routine in for maximum success.


There are 3 daily habits you must do in order to use your time most effectively:

  1. Review your goals- This gives you inspiration and ensures you are using your time aligned to your biggest priorities. It also helps you be more aware of the emotions driving you to use your time for long-term success This makes you are more likely to use your time wisely instead of doing things that are less important.
  2. Plan Tomorrow Today- this gives you clarity because you know exactly what you need to be doing in advance and don’t have to think you just do. This is the process:
    1. Actions- create a list of what needs to be done to achieve you goals
    2. Choose- 3-6 actions (1 if you are doing deep work) to focus on tomorrow
    3. Time- determine how long each will take and set a time of day to do it
  3. Morning Routine- this gives you energy which is vital in order to use your time effectively. It primes you for the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 week or 1 month to complete something if you have no energy it won’t get done.

Extra Notes

Default Diary- the key to success is to Systemitise it. Creating a system for your time is one of the most powerful things you can do because really time is the only currency. The second most powerful thing is being able to stick to it. Create a default diary and do it in this order:

  • Sleep
  • Health- minimum of 20 minutes walking/ light jog 3 times/ week
  • Working
  • Necessities- travel, eating, hygiene and so
  • #1 priorities e.g. family time
  • Other success routines and ways you want to use time- hobbies


Welcome to the achieve anything show brought to you by Stryv and today’s host, Zander, Woodford Smith.

Hi. Welcome to this week’s episode of the achieve anything sharp. This episode is all about. Now I’m going to quickly skip over some of the main time management principles and other stuff because I don’t like talking about things that you can find out about elsewhere, but because it seems to still be a problem for people, I thought we could at least give you our opinion on things and actually teach you some things that maybe people don’t teach in other places about time and managing your time and really the reason I’m saying this and doing this episode is because we did a survey recently about what are people’s top three daily frustrations for the community. And again it was I’m don’t feel in control of my schedule. I’m just going to read some out, not living my ideal schedule right now. I don’t have a good balance.

Our waste time efforts not done. I’m not working well in an organized way. I feel like I procrastinate, not making good use of my time for business success. Not Spending enough time planning, clarify, so it was all about time. I expected it to be about financial and money, but probably wisely people are realizing, well, if they’re not using a time in the right way, they’re not going to get the, which is the input. They’re not going to get the output of the financial thing. So it’s probably that strivers are just aware of that deeper level, which is great, but that’s why I thought we’d cover it. So first of all, let me just cover off a old school time management principle, which still is effective, but I just want to get it out the way. So it’s Eisenhower’s urgent versus important kind of grid where at the bottom you’ve got, when you’re doing something that’s not important and not urgent, which is what a lot of people fall into when they’re procrastinating.

And at the top you’ve got what’s important and urgent. Now I sometimes argue that important and not urgent is more important because that’s the long term stuff. You’re working on it because you know how important it is and you’re not forced to do it because it’s urgent. You focus on the important stuff, use your time in the way that gets the most value out of it, so the activities that are really important in your business, so if you’re a business coach that is doing the coaching, even the marketing which is important is less valuable than the coaching itself because it might take you 10 hours to get a client and so the hour, the amount of time you spend money you can earn in that one hour, you’re now diluting by 10. It takes you to get that client. Okay? That isn’t. Say you shouldn’t be doing the marketing, just saying ultimately you’d want to be doing all the coaching because it’s the highest value activity and then later there’s even higher value activities and you can do for that.

So that’s just about the value you place on your time. But let’s just talk about, first of all, the big picture of you got 168 hours in the week to use. Okay? You need to first get the things in there that are gonna help you achieve your success. And I don’t mean that old school idea of eat, eat your frog, where you only do the most important and most difficult thing first thing in the morning. I mean literally the first thing that should go into your calendar, at least what I do is my sleep, because sleep not only affects longevity, which gives you way more time if you live 10 years longer, but also your health, your productivity, or focus, everything. So that should go in first. Then you’ve got other things like, okay, well in order to use my time effectively, what’s going to help me use and create more time is actually if I’m exercising and I’m healthy because then I can focus one guy.

I’ve got more energy. So then you want to get your exercise in that and you should be doing at least 20 to 30 minutes. Like I’m an aerobic exercise, just going for a walk, doing a light jog three times a week. So if you didn’t know how to use your time, just put those two things in the first to start with. Then you need to get your other routines in. You know like you’re going to have lunch at some point, you’re going to eat some point, you might have to drive to work, get that in and see how much time you have left and this is why we built the APP in this way and we’re going to be expanding the time stuff all the time, but you can just go into the old day section and just add habits and routines really quickly and build out your default diary and then later we’ll actually show how much time you’ve got left to actually put in the actions you need to do to achieve your goals.

So once you’ve got your default diary belt also, if you go to [inaudible] dot com, forward slash time ally the category. There are resources to help you with this kind of stuff. But here’s the thing is once you actually have got your default diary done and now you’ve hopefully putting actions in there. The point then becomes, am I doing the things that I know I shouldn’t be doing or not? And that’s really where a lot of people struggle with their time. It’s very easy to plan. Sticking to the plan is the hard part as we always talk about, so these are my three things I think you need to do every single day, and now what we teach everyone who uses the app to do every single day, that is going to help you use your time because if you’re not using your time effectively, I think it’s because you’ve got one of these three things missing.

So the first habit you should do every single day is review your goals. Okay? Now why do we do that? Reviewing your goals, not only make sure you’re using your time effectively, but it keeps you inspired. You know why you’re doing this. Always. It’s so important to have that emotional thing behind your actions because as accept before, there’s only three things you can control in life. What you feel, what you think about, what you do, and what you feel drives other two. So if you don’t review your goals so you don’t have an emotional charge behind why you should use your time in this way, then you’re not going to use it. Okay? You’re not going to put the time in there, you’re going to go and find something that satisfies that emotion you were after with the goals in another way. So if you were after, you know, you wanting to achieve something but it was going to be a longterm and it was a big project you had to work on instead of like being really focused on why you wanted to do that particular goal of getting this many clients or whatever it was for you, you’ll go.

And uh, so for me, what I used to do, his chest used to be my thing. So if I got a bit frustrated I just go and play chess and then if I want a game I’d feel a sense of achievement and it would just quickly add to have that emotional charge from it, but it wouldn’t be aligned with my big goals because I lost sight of my goals. So that’s why reviewing the goals was so important to keep me inspired and to trigger that emotion. So that’s the first one. And that’s why we have the goals listed in the APP. And that’s why we’re adding the top three goals to the dashboard. The next one is planned tomorrow today. Because the other problem is is even if you’ve got the emotional and you’re inspired, one of the things that can happen is if you’re just not clear, and so planning tomorrow, today is the way to do that.

And the way to do it is you’ve got your big goals because you reviewing them, you’ve listed out your actions and he said, okay, I’m going to get these actions done today. And you list them down and in the APP they would show up in this section here, and then you just gonna plan a specific time that you’re actually going to do them in the day when you do that the day before. Because that gives you clarity. Okay, so now you’ve got inspiration and you’ve got clarity. So that’s already going to give you a way better chance of achieving the things you want and using your time the way you want. Because you reviewed your goal. So you know you’re using your time. Well. You’ve got the emotional charge and you know exactly what you’ve got to do, and then the third thing, that habit I recommend if you want to use your time every day is you want to do a morning routine because what a morning routine is going to do is going to prime you for the day.

It’s going to set you up for success by increasing your energy because one of the big things that happens is even if you’re inspired but and you’ve got parity, but you don’t have the energy to do it, and this is something we used to teach even when I coached global executives. It’s not really about time management. It’s often about energy management because we can give you six hours to do that project, but if you don’t have any energy, then it doesn’t matter where they give you six hours or six weeks, you’re not going to be able to do it. Okay? So that’s why that one comes at the end. Once you know you’ve got your time aligned in terms of you’re inspired by what you’ve got to do, you’re clear on what it is you’ve got to get the energy and that you can do that throughout the day by keeping track of your energy, but I think a great way to do that is to get a really solid morning routine and again, you can build that in the APP and keep track and make sure you’re doing that and it spells out ice just for a nice way to think about it.

So if you’ve got any cool phrases, the link isom time, then we’ll have then put them in the comments below. But those are the three things you want to do. Review Your goals for inspiration plan tomorrow today for clarity and do a morning routine for energy and that will help you use your time more effectively. And before you do any of that, you can get the routines and habits in there so you know what it is you’re trying to achieve every week and the APP will help you do that. So not only do you have the morning routine, the routines here that you can have a throughout the week, but also the web really opinionated about this in the APP is we show you, once you’ve added the actions, like where are the gaps and where are they, where is your available time to be able to use it to make sure you’re maximizing time, because that’s really about maximizing your life and that’s the point of, of the APP ultimately. So that’s how we think about time management at stripes it’s really about energy, inspiration, clarity, and ultimately energy management. So I hope that helps. Live comment below about what else you would like a way of them feedback about this, this episode, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on next week’s show.

Thank you for listening to the achieve anything show brought to you by Dr. be sure to visit [inaudible] dot com to join the conversation, access show notes, and discover other fantastic bonus content that’s only available on the website.

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